Special Care for Grade-1 and Grade-2

Basic Education program has been working to improve learning outcomes of 6-12 years children of primary schools.  Shishuder Jonno project supports in Parents awareness session and mobile messaging (mBoost) on Literacy-Numeracy; Create print rich environment at Literacy and Numeracy Boost School; Observe special days i.e. Reading & Math festival, International Literacy Day; Capacity building of community volunteers; Reading & Math skill development, Supplementary Reading Materials (Mini Library) and fictionalization of SMC. In order to make environment joyful, projects provided 127 schools with play materials. Headmasters and SMCs are provided with training that they can improve the schools regarding improvement of children’s learning and security. LB/NB teachers are provided with subject related training for improvement of their teaching skills. Reading & Math clubs are operated in the community of 49 LB schools for supporting G1 and G2 children in learning lessons of Bangla and Math easily and in a joyful method. On the other hand, ENRICH Program operates 45 education centres in which students of grade-1 grade-2 are supported with special coaching.

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