Bangladesh is a land of rivers. As a result of navigability of rivers, canals and lowland is lost, local varieties of fish is being annihilated day by day. Fishery program is being implemented through providing training, financial support and modern technologies to fish farmers in order to save from this imperiled situation as well as to ensure much production of local fishes. The following programs are done under Fisheries Development Program.

  1. Carp- lobster Mixed Culture with Vegetable Farming
  2. Mix Predator creature & Pond Dike Greening
  3. Carp Fettering
  4. Desi Shing-Magur-Tengra and Carp Mixed Culture with Vegetable Farming
  5. Vietnam Koi and Carp Mixed Culture with Vegetable Farming
  6. Jaki Net Distribution
  7. Pond Dike Greening
  8. Culture Management of Ornamental Fish
  9. Cuchia Fish Culture
  10. Training on Fish Culture
  11. Field Days Observation
  12. Inspiration Tour
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