The major portion of protein demand of the country is filled-in from livestock. There is much potentiality of tending domestic animals and fowl and opportunity for employment in this agriculture based country. In this view PSKS is implementing livestock program through providing appropriate method, technical service and financial assistance to the community people. The following activities are done under Livestock Program.

  1. Buck Rearing
  2. Vermi Compost
  3. Quail Rearing
  4. Broiler/Sonali
  5. Cow Breeding
  6. Goat Rearing (Poor Family)
  7. Goat Rearing (Poor Family)
  8. Vaccination and Deworming Program
  9. Training on Goat Rearing
  10. Training on Broiler Rearing
  11. Training on Vermi Compost
  12. Farm Day Observation
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