The project is to establish fundamental human rights by making the catchments population aware of law and human rights. Especially, complaints of the inexperienced and orphan children who are deprived of their legal rights for not having proper guardian as well as disputes of the women who are oppressed, neglected or abandoned by the husbands, complaints of maintenance, dowry, divorce, dower (Moharana), second marriage and torture/assaults are compromised through mediation. In addition, land disputes of the landless people, complaints arisen from the lands settled tenure, land cases of the inexperienced children, widows and helpless people are taken for compromise in order to keep up their benefit.

We can perceive from our experience that it needs a lot of money, time and for nothing exasperation to conduct a court case. Besides expenses, it is a matter of long period to reach a solution. So, to avoid court complicacy and expenses, complaints are compromised through mediation

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