Health Service through Advancing Universal Health Coverage Project (AUHC)

Essential service delivery system is divided into three levels-firstly: community level, based on Community Service Providers (CSP); secondly: satellite clinic; and thirdly: static clinic with referral facilities. Essential health services are provided through “Surjer Hashi Clinic.” Essential Service Package (ESP) includes family planning clinical method, emergency contraception, safe delivery, neonatal care, child health care, post abortion care, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS as well as awareness increasing. Eight static and 283 satellite clinics are functioning under Advanced Universal Health Coverage Project.

Health and Family Planning Services to Least Advantaged (LA) People

Least advantaged (LA) people are identified through discussion with elite persons of the society in the meetings at static and satellite clinic areas.  Identified LAs are provided with health and family planning services free of cost.

Health Service for from Employment Creation Project

The main objectives of health service activity is to ensure financial and social freedom and make both physical and mental welfare of the inhabitants of the union under ENRICH program, especially through developing sustainable health service for the marginal poor and under risk (women, children and the older) people. Specific objectives of health service activity are to:

  • create and increase access of people to quality health service;
  • decrease malnutrition by the mother children;
  • establish adequate arrangement for safe and hygienic delivery and newborn care; and ensure easy access to health services and practice of drug use as per doctor’s advice.

Health and Other Services for Elderly People

Generally the ending period of average age of a human being is said to be aged or elderly. According to United Nations Organization, people of 60 years or above in the under developed country and that of 65 years or above in the developed country are defined as elderly ones. In Bangladesh perspective most people under 60 years are regarded as aged,especially the women of our country. These elderly people are provided with monetary support,health services and  winter clothing.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance service is available in Gangni upazila of Meherpur district, Daulatpur upazila of Kushtia district and Jhenaidah sadar for transport of emergency patients and antenatal mothers to our service center. This service is also accessible for any patient other than antenatal mothers for transport to any health center.

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