Early Childhood Care & Development

Early Childhood Care & Development

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Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD)

Integrated Child Development Program-Shishuder Jonno project aims at creating opportunity for all children of Meherpur district will learn and develop in full potential. So, this project includes children of all ages in its activities of different components. Early Childhood Care and Development is the intervention for the first age group of children 0 to 6 years old. However, this age group is divided into 2 sub age groups as P-3 and pre-primary. Children aging birth to 3 years are supported to develop their body and brain through father focus intervention. Children who are 5 to below 6 years old brought under preschool intervention to make them prepare for primary school for 1 year.

Early Childhood Care & Stimulation (ECCSP)

Early Childhood Care & Stimulation is for development of children aging 0-3 years. The aim of this intervention is to develop the brain of the infants.0-3 years are important age for infants as the biggest part of their brain is developed at this stage. Millions of neurons the brain get connected through stimulation process. This process is supported by mothers. Pregnant women and mothers are provided with counsel on how to bring infants under positive stimulation to help brain development through effective connections of neurons. They are provided with counsel at community clinics and EPI sessions by CHCP, HA and FWA.

Pre-primary Activities

Early Childhood Care and Development intervention aims to help children’s lifelong foundation and learning for smooth transition into formal schooling. Under ECCD program Preprimary classes, Literacy and Math parenting, Reading for Children, getting school readiness and ECD Camp has been implementing through PSKS. To enhance family and community level support, PSKS has been delivering all ECCD interventions in two Upazilas. Children with age of 5+ but below 6 years get the opportunity to start their education life in a joyful environment with attractive learning materials and joyful method. This is done through operation of preschool in the community or pre-primary class in the primary school. The aim is to make children fearless about school and to begin their education life in a positive way which will cast a positive impact on their whole life. There are 100 preschools/pre-primary classes in Gangni and 20 in Mujibnagar.

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