LIFT Program

LIFT Program

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Learning and Innovation Fund To Test New Ideas (LIFT) Program

Cuchia (a species of ell) is a kind of nutritious and tasteful fish which has greasy and smooth skin having no scales.The scientific name of the fish is Monopterus Cuchia. It is very popular to the Aborigines and the followers of eternal religion (Hindus). Besides the Aborigines, people of different region of the country lead their lives by accumulating cuchia. Cuchia is found in the countries including Bangladesh,Pakistan,India, Nepal,Korea, Hongkong,Thailand,China, Taiwan and Malaysia.As a means of good market value, presently cuchia is exported from Bangladesh to Japan,Korea, Honkong,Thailand,China,Taiwan etc. countries. Cochia has the possibility of vast export market as like that of shrimp and crab. So,it is considered to be a potential exportable commodity for the traders. Actually cuchia collected from the natural sources is exported to abroad. Once upon a time cuchia were abundant in all over the country. But due to destroying their dwelling-place for many reasons and indiscriminately huge collection of cuchia from the natural sources, its quantity is being decreasing to an alarming level. So, there is no alternative to cuchia-culture. To make cuchia-culture popular at the group members level Palashipara Samaj Kallayan Samity (PSKS) is implementing the enterprise ‘Scope for breeding cuchia in natural system and employment creation for the poor people by setting up family wise cuchia farm’ with financial and technical support by Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF).

Aim and Objectives of the Initiative:

  1. To develop Management of Cuchia-culture and preservation of its
  2. To help breeding of cuchia through maintaining natural environment in the pond or
  3. To make cuchia-culture easier and popular to the farmers by ensuring proper

Advantages of Cuchia-culture:

  1. Cuchia is a pain-taking fish that can be cultivated in the pond,furnace (Hapa), rectangular water reservoir and
  2. Cuchia can survive inthe water with less oxygen or water reservoir in an adverse
  3. Cuchia can be marketed in living
  4. Huge amount of foreign currency may be earned by exporting cuchia.
  5. Rural women can be benefitted easily through cuchia-culture in the ponds/furnace/water tank/ditch.

Advancement of PSKS in Cuchia-culture:

Organizational level “Display Cuchia Farm” has been set up for broadly spreading cuchia-culture in the working areas in order to create employment for the poor people through arranging scope for breeding cuchia in natural system and establishing family wise cuchia farm.The farm set up at organizational level is being implemented in two ways.One of them is ditch set up with a specialized system and the other one is through setting up of water-tank. The ditch set up at organizational level is 24 feet long, 12 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Cuchia is a cave-dweller fish and it has a tendency to flee away from one place to elsewhere by making a slot, there has been made an obstruction by using polythin and net on the ditch to prevent them. Besides this, the whole ditch is surrounded by net. After releasing mother cuchia, adequate quantity of vermi,carp fry as well as tilapia fry are also released as food. If natural environment is ensured, cuchia gives spawn in the ditch and we can get cuchia fry there from. Cuchia fry is available in the ditch set up by the organization and it inspires to spread cuchia-culture activity. Presently as an entrepreneur, set up of a specialized organizational level hatchery is on-going. The organization is working unwearied to set up a Cuchia Hub in Gangni Upazila of Meherpur district. The major activities are below:

a) Organizational level cuchia farm
b) Group members level cuchia ditch set up
b) Trico-compost plant established at organizational level
c)Training on Cuchia-culture
d) Inspiration Tour

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